The Rope Throw

Occasionally, you will want to get the rope over a branch that is fairly near overhead. This can be accomplished without using the throw line. If the end of your climbing rope has a knot on a bight, clip your throw bag to it using a carabiner. If it has no knot as yet, place the end of the rope through the ring on the throw bag and tie an overhand knot to keep the throw bag from sliding off. Grasp the rope a couple of feet above the throw bag and gather enough rope to reach the limb in small coils in the same hand. Throw the throw bag and the coils of rope over the limb. Usually there won't be enough weight in the throw bag to bring the end of the rope back down to you. You can get the end back down by throw-

Rope And Tree Climbing

ing loops of slack rope up and over the limb as the drawing illustrates. When the loop of slack passes the limb, the throw bag will drop the length of the rope that was contained in the loop.

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