The Onehanded Throw

Stand the Linemug, opened wide, on the ground in front of you so the line can exit freely. Grasp the slip knot in your throwing hand, using the other hand to keep the rest of the throw line clear and swing the bag a couple of times to get the feel. Keep your eye above the target limb and let it fly. Repeat as necessary. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do this. Everyone will develop their own technique and if it's right for you, it's

right. Note - One common problem many newcomers seem to have is forgetting to let go with the hand that is holding the rest of the throw line clear or standing on the throw line! Both are good ways to eat the shot pouch!

If you do need to make more than one throw, (and I can guarantee that you will at first) simply pull the throw line and shot pouch back to you. Stack the throw line in a neat pile at your feet. It should feed cleanly off the stack if you make sure that there are no twigs and small branches for it to get tangled on when you throw a second time. Or lay a jacket or shirt on the ground to stack it on. It is a good idea to practice with the shot pouch over a small limb that you can reach. The attempted retrieval of the shot pouch from limbs that are too small to hold a climber seems to be where most throw bags get stuck. As you draw a swinging weight closer to a branch, it swings faster and faster, and can wrap around the branch if you try to pull it over too fast. Or, you can get good at your timing and use the swing to make the weight flip itself off the branch.

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