Switching from single rope to single rope

Once you have your second anchor in place, you need to switch both ascenders to the second rope. Whether you switch the top or the bottom ascender first is a matter of personal preference. Both are safe. The difficult thing for some folks is in having to use only one hand to accomplish this. The other hand is busy holding you upright. I prefer to transfer my top ascender first and I will describe the motions involved as I do them. Feel free to modify this to whatever you find comfortable.

Stand in the foot loops. Grasp both ropes with one hand. Use your less dexterous hand as you will need the dexterous one to move the ascender. Hold the ropes between the two ascenders being sure not to hold the ascender webbing along with the ropes. Remove the top ascender using your free hand and switch it to the new anchor rope, sliding it up as far' as it will go. Sit down on the harness. You are now sitting on the new anchor, remove the bottom ascender from the old anchor rope and affix it to the new anchor rope. Remove the old anchor from the limb and continue climbing on the new anchor


The knots shown and described below are the main knots that I feel are the best for the purposes given. There are other knots that perform similar functions. They are listed in brackets after the description of the illustrations. If you prefer them, and are more comfortable with them, use them. Please note that all of the following knots that are involved in direct life support are backed up by either a figure-8 knot or an overhand knot for safety.

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