Stuck rope

Occasionally, when you use an anchor limb with a bit too narrow of an angle, your knot will get stuck in the crotch when you tiy to remove your anchor. If you know this is a likelihood, you can minimize the chance of it happening by tying a slip knot in the end of the rope. Make sure the knot unties from the part of the rope that you will be pulling down on. This way, if it does get stuck in the crotch, a sharp pull should untie the knot and free the rope. You may have to sacrifice your leather sleeve, but it will save you climbing to the anchor again (these things invariably happen when you are tired and it is getting dark).

IF, however, you do get the rope stuck in the crotch, you are faced with the task of re-climbing the tree using only one end of your climbing rope. This is done by using your safety line to anchor you at each limb when you reach it so as to free the end of the rope again to continue to the next anchor.

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