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Tree Climbers International

PO Box 5588, Atlanta, GA 31107-5588 Telephone 404-377-31.50 A membership will cost you $20 (individual) or $35 (family) and will get you an introductory newsletter that has a ton of information as well as two or three newsletters a year. http//

Tree Climbing Japan

John Gathright is the dynamo behind this one. John lives in a miso barrel tree house (pictures on the site) and uses tree climbing in his work with youth and disabled people. Not only is the site fascinating, it is inspirational!

Tree Climbing USA

P.O.Box 142062 Fayetteville, GA 34214 (707)487-6929 abe [email protected] .com

Like TCI they hava a very active message board. It can be found at:

"A Tree Climber's Companion" by Jeff Jepson. This book is primarily aimed at professionals but the only difference between professional and recreational climbing is the presence 01* absence of saws and other sharp objects. Lots of excellent illustrations.

"Knots for Climbers" by Craig Leuben. Chockstone Press. This little book has them all.

"Tickle the Sky" a video by David Stark and narrated by Robert Fulghum and available from New Tribe and Tree Gear, Inc.. An inspirational rather than an instructional video, this is a nicely presented introduction to what tree climbing is all about.

"Rappelling" by Tom Martin, Second Edition. Also available from New Tribe. This is THE book on descending a rope and addresses ascenders as well.

"On Rope" by Bruce Smith and Allen Padgett. The authors of this book are cavers. Vertical rope techniques are relatively universal though, and this is the most complete book on vertical rope techniques that I've seen.

"Chapman's Nautical Guides - Knots" by Brian Toss. This book is aimed at a readership afloat, but playing with ropes is playing with ropes! There is a lot of good information here.

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