At this point, there have been no deaths or serious injuries attributed to recreational tree climbing. Of course, this does not apply to professional tree climbers who are working long-days wielding sharp tools around their ropes. As far as we know, the only injuries that recreational climbers have incurred to date are occasional rope bums and abrasions from interacting with tree bark.

Having said that though, I want to stress that you shouldn't infer that tree climbing is without risk. The risk factor is there whenever you leave the ground. To put it in perspective though, the drive to and from the climbing area, where you are passing other cars (that you have no control over) at closing speeds of up to 120 miles per hour is, potentially, far more risky than anything that you will encounter in the tree tops.

It is simply a matter of details. If you tend to all of the details properly, the risk of falling is almost nonexistant. The natural aprehensiĆ³n of being off the ground encourages this in most people

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