Limb Walking and Tree Surfing

Limb walking is moving out to the ends of limbs. It is accomplished by setting an anchor high in the tree and descending to the limb on which you would like to walk. This is best done on a double rope because of the extra level of control it gives. It is possible to go quite far out on a limb anchored this way. And, if the way is clear of obstmctions, the swing back to the trunk or to other limbs can be lots of fun. Look for limbs that have natural seats near their ends, they move around in a most relaxing way when the slightest breeze catches them.

As the scope of your rope (the distance between you and your anchor) increases, so does the distance that you will be able to cover when you swing. If you are anchored in the top of a tall tree, it is sometimes possible to cover an arc of thirty or forty feet. This allows you to cover quite a bit of the tree's canopy and, if there are other trees close by, even visit neighboring trees!

Some caution needs to be exercised whenever you swing. An unplanned, direct hit on a trunk while swinging has all the potential of a fall if you have enough momentum. If a swing is undesirable use the other end of your rope to make a second anchor closer to your location in the tree. You can also make a redirect. Redirects are not covered in this manual but may be found in Jepson's book (see Sources - Information)

Tree surfing is simply ascending high in a tree or out to the ends of the limbs during a strong wind. It is fun to ride the branches as they sway around. Make sure you have a sturdy limb though.

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