What Are The Clips Called That Connect To The Splittail For Tree Climbers

Bark protectors - Leather tubes that surround the rope where it crosses a limb to protect the tree from friction. Descending device - a device used to descend along a rope. Double Rope technique- a type of ascending and descending where the rope goes over a limb and back to the climber. Double Split-tail - same as the Split-tail except doubled...one for each end of the rope. Figure-8 - either a knot or a type of descending device. Friction knot - any knot whose purpose is to create friction as an aid to ascending or descending. Friction Saver - a strap with rings on the ends that the rope is ran through after the strap has been placed over an anchor limb. Used to prevent friction on the rope and limb. Klemheist - a friction knot used as a safety backup. Linemug - Nylon canvas pouch designed and manufactured by New Tribe and used to store the throw line Locking Carabiner - a carabiner with a gate that locks closed.

Munter knot - a sliding friction knot used for belaying and rappelling.

Pitch - a sticky substance secreted from some trees. Sometimes used to describe the distance between anchor limbs. Rappel- to descend along a fixed, stationary rope, usually with the aid of some device intended for that purpose. Running Part - the part of a double rope climbing rig that you clip you your saddle and hang on. Called the Hanging part in this manual.

Saddle-what tree climbers call the harness that supports them on the end of the rope while climbing.

Scope - the length of the rope between the anchor and the climber.

Screw-link - a carabiner with a screw closure rather than a gate. Same uses as carabiners..

Shot pouch - a small, nylon bag filled with lead shot used to get a small diameter line over a branch higher in the tree in order to pull up the main climbing rope. Sometimes called "throw weight" or "throw bag".

Single Rope technique - a type of climbing where the end of the rope is anchored on a limb and the rope is climbed with ascenders. Sometimes called SRT. Slip knot - a variation of the overhand knot that is easily untied by pulling on one of its ends.

Split-tail - separate piece of climbing rope that is attached to the saddle at one end and attached with the Blake's Hitch to the standing (hauling) part of the rope at the other end. Spreader - a device used between the double D rings in attaching a professional saddle to the rope in an attempt to make it more comfortable.

Standing Part - the part of a double rope climbing rig that you pull down on to ascend. Called the Hauling part in this manual.

Throw line - small diameter line attached to the shot pouch and used to haul the climbing rope into the tree. Traversing - moving laterally in the tree across a stretched rope.

Treeboat - the hammock specifically designed by New Tribe for use in tree canopies.

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    What are the clips called that connect to the splittail for tree climbers?
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