Getting the Rope into the Tree

For most newcomers, this is the most challenging part of tree climbing. It involves throwing the shot pouch and throw line over the first limb, to which you will anchor the climbing rope.

To attach the throw line to the shot pouch, first tie a large loop in one end of the throw line using either a bowline or a figure-8 on a bight. The loop should be about four or five inches long. This loop can be left tied permanently in the throw line. Put the end of the loop through the ring on the shot pouch, open the loop and drop it over the shot pouch and pull the loop back up to the ring. The line should now be attached to the shot pouch. Before you try a toss, hold the throw line above the shot pouch, lower the shot pouch to the ground next to your foot and tie a slip knot in the throw line right next to your knee. The slip knot should untie from the side away from the shot pouch (p.41). This knot gives you something to grip as you swing the throw bag and prevents your fingers from getting line burned.

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