Climbing in Inclement Weather

Most folks move inside when the weather gets uncomfortable, but a few of us who are in the beginning stages of dementia, look at this as an opportunity to have the woods to ourselves and actually head out into the weather. If you fall under that "early dementia" heading, here are a few thoughts:

-Lightning sometimes happens with rain - lightning is bad for your health. Even demented climbers should get down when there is lightning.

-Ice is 1) slippery, and 2) heavy. You need to watch your step and keep an eye on limbs for excessive buildup and possible breakage - not good if you are tied to what breaks, and not much better if you're under what breaks.

-Wet snow is like rain that doesn't drain off. It can make climbing uncomfortable unless you're dressed for it. It's also heavy on the limbs, increasing the chance of breakage-watch for it.

-Rain gear is essential in rain, sleet, snow or icy weather. It keeps you dry and keeps the wind out.

-Getting wet in cold, windy conditions is a good way to be 1) damned uncomfortable, 2) sick or, 3) dead. Know about hypothermia and watch for the signs.

-Take along a thermos of hot stuff. It would be hard to imagine many things finer than sitting in the top of a tree in the rain chinking hot coffee!!

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