Changing anchors in the descent

Few trees in the east are tall enough to require switching anchors on a single rope descent if your rope is 150 feet long. Switching anchors during a double rope descend is pretty common though. Descending double rope anchor changes are done just like anchor changes done while going up. If however, you find yourself having to change anchors in the middle of a single rope descent, this is the procedure: Attach your throw line to the anchor carabiner in order to pull it down after your next anchor is set. Descend to the limb below the one on which you wish to set your next anchor. Without removing your brake hand from the rope, use your free hand to attach yourself to the tree with your safety rope. Once you are safely attached to the tree, you may remove your brake hand from the rope. Set up your new anchor using the free end of the rope and pull down your old anchor. Remove the throw line from the old anchor and attach it to the carabiner of the anchor you are on, attach your rappel device, grab on with your brake hand, use your other hand to release your safety rope and descend.

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