These marvelous little pieces of gear are aluminum or steel snap links used to attach the rope to the saddle and in general for attaching things to other things. While they are not the only piece of hardware that will work, they are far handier than the steel screw links sometimes used in their place. There are two main types of carabiners. These are locking and non-locking. You will need a minimum of two locking carabiners, one for each end of the climbing rope. The best carabiners for this purpose are what are called "auto-lock" carabiners these have a spring loaded locking device that requires two or three separate movements to open - a good safety feature. Again, these should always be used to attach you to the climbing rope. It is also nice to have three or four regular carabiners. They are handy for clipping gear to your harness and to the tree. Safety Line

A safety line is a piece of gear that should be carried by every climber. It can be a ten foot piece of climbing rope with loop knots in each end, a piece of webbing or Prusik cord tied into a loop that is about six to eight feet long, or one of the two pieces of gear that New Tribe makes specifically for the purpose. I personally like the one that they call the Monkeytail. It is used whenever you have to untie from the anchor rope for any reason. It selves to tie you to the tree while you make whatever change that necessitated your untying from the climbing rig. Always carry one and always hook it up before untying from your anchor. It is attached to the saddle with a standard, locking carabiner.

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