Canopy Camping

When Tom Ness and Sophia Sparks of New Tribe invented the Treeboat, they opened up a whole new world for camping. The Treeboat is a four point suspension hammock that is made for use in the tree. There are few places that can compare with the top of a tree for taking a nap or spending the night. The gentle movement of the branches and the forest sounds below you and around you can transport you to nirvana. It is important to remember though, to always be tied in to the tree when you are napping or camping high up in your Treeboat. There has never been a failure, but if yours were the first you would want to be safely tied to the tree.

Usually, it is best to use a foam mat under you if you are spending the night unless you have one of their Cozies - an insulated cover that hangs under the Treeboat. This keeps the cool night air from creeping into you from below and putting a notch in your nirvana. Also in the way of comfort, Tom suggests rolling up your extra clothing and putting it under your knees unless your knees, unlike most people's, bend backwards!

Cooking is best done on the ground. Prepared foods are the best choice if you would rather eat in the tree.

Make sure to take care of any bodily functions before you leave the ground. It's considered bad form to doo-doo on your fellow tree campers.

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