Blending In

It may seem presumptuous of me to suggest how people should dress and act, but it occurs to me that, while most of this may seem obvious after having climbed for a while, it isn't always so obvious to a newcomer. So, presumptuous or not, here it is.

It is better to blend into the forest than to stand out. Wear clothing whose colors are in the natural color palette like gray, green, tan, brown or even camo. This is done to avoid calling attention from other people to yourself. Birds and animals will be less likely to be disturbed by your presence as well. You are in their home.

It is also important to be quiet. Again, not only to avoid drawing attention to yourself but out of respect for the forest. Hooting and hollering is fine if you are in your own back yard but disturbs the woods and ruins the experience

for others whether they are in your climbing group or not.

Be considerate to the trees, to your companions and to the critters that live in and around the trees you are climbing.

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