Attaching the Climbing Rope

Once you get the throw line over the limb, undo the shot pouch from the throw line, clip the shot pouch to your saddle. Attach the end of the throw line to the end of the climbing line. This can be done one of two ways: either with a series of half-hitches as shown at the right; or by clipping a carabiner between the loop on the end of the throw line and a loop on the end of the climbing rope. Use the first type of attachment if you are placing the rope in a narrow crotch or if you are using a friction saver.

Stow your throw line in the Linemug after you pull your climbing rope over the anchor limb and before going any further. Walking on throw line can be the cause of some monumental tangles.

There are two ways of re-stuffing the line into the Linemug. The first is to loop it over your neck and feed it two-handed back into the bag which is opened in front of you. Another way is the figure 8 wrap. For this one, spread your hand as wide as possible and wrap the throw line loosely in a figure-8 fashion around, between your little finger and thumb - as if you were fastening a line to a cleat. This can be done in two or three stages to make it more manageable. After a section is wrapped, grasp the part where the 8 crosses with your free hand. Put a finger in one hole of the 8 and your thumb in the other. Lift it f) (j off your hand and transfer it to the / /// /)

line mug. Be sure that the end that / (//si will have the shot pouch attached is on top. Either of these techniques will save you the frustration of ยป J

throwing the shot pouch and seeing a bird's nest follow it upwards. I

prefer the over the neck method while I'm on the ground and the figure-8 method when I have used the throw line while in the tree.

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