Sling Hoist

d. Recovery by other than aircraft. Recovery by means other than aircraft may occur. Unit SOP's should include signaling and link-up with forces at the following locations:

(1) Border Crossings. The evader who crosses into a neutral country is subject to detention by that country for the duration of the war.

(a) Static. Recovery along a static FEBA is always difficult. Under these conditions, enemy and friendly forces can be expected to be densely deployed and well camouflaged, with good fields of fire. Attempts to penetrate the FEBA should be avoided.

(b) Advancing. Individuals isolated in front of advancing friendly units should immediately take cover and wait for the friendly units to overrun their position.

(c) Retreating. Individuals between opposing forces should immediately take cover and wait for enemy units to pass over their position. After most enemy units have moved on, evaders should try to link up with other isolated friendly elements and return to friendly forces.

(3) Link-up with friendly patrols. Unit authentication numbers and/or locally developed codes may assist the evader to safely make contact in or around the FEBA and when approached by friendly forces.


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