Outline L General

A. The earth is surrounded by the atmosphere, which is divided into several layers. The world's weather systems are in the troposphere, the lower of these layers. This layer reaches as high as 40,000 feet.

B. Dust and clouds in the atmosphere absorb or bounce back much of the energy that the sun beams down upon the earth. Less than one half of the sun's energy actually warms the earth's surface and lower atmosphere.

C. Warmed air, combined with the spinning (rotation) of the earth, produces winds that spread heat and moisture more evenly around the world. This is very important because the sun heats the Equator much more than the poles and without winds to help restore the balance, much of the earth would be impossible to live on. When the air-cools; clouds, rain, snow, hail, fog and frost may develop.

D. The weather that you find in any place depends on many things, i.e. how hot the air is, how moist the air is, how it is being moved by the wind, and especially, is it being lifted or not?

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