Leadership must ensure that preventive measures are taken

b) Signs and Symptoms of Frostbite.

• Ears, nose, fingers and toes are affected first.

• Areas will feel cold and may tingle leading to

• Numbness which progresses to...

• Waxy appearance with skin stiff and unable to glide freely over a joint.

c) Treatment of Frostbite. Frostbite is classified into three different degrees: Frosting, Superficial Frostbite, and Deep Frostbite.

• Frosting will revert to normal after using the technique of body heat rewarming.

• Hold the affected area, skin to skin for 15 minutes.

*Rewarm face, nose, and ears with hands. *Rewarm hands in armpits, groin or belly. *Rewarm feet with mountain buddy's armpits or belly.

• If affected area cannot be rewarmed in 15 minutes, Superficial

Frostbite or Deep Frostbite is suspected.

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