L Water Intake

a. Thirst is not a strong enough sensation to determine how much water you need.

b. The best plan is to drink, utilizing the OVER DRINK method. Drink plenty of water anytime it is available and particularly when eating.

c. Dehydration is a major threat. A loss of only 5 % of your body fluids causes thirst, irritability, nausea, and weakness; a 10% loss causes dizziness, headache, inability to walk, and a tingling sensation in limbs; a 15% loss causes dim vision, painful urination, swollen tongue, deafness, and a feeling of numbness in the skin; also a loss of more than 15% body fluids could result in death.

d. Your water requirements will be increased if:

(2) You are experiencing fear or anxiety.

(3) You evaporate more body fluid than necessary. (i.e., not using the proper shelter to your advantage)

(4) You have improper clothing.

(5) You ration water.

(6) You overwork.

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