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a. The environment is the key to the types of items you will need in your survival kit. How much equipment you put in your kit depends on how you will carry the kit. A kit on your body will have to be much smaller than one carried in a vehicle.

b. Always layer your survival kit, keeping the most important items on your body.

c. In preparing your survival kit, select items that can be used for more than one purpose.

d. Your survival kit does not need to be elaborate. You only need functional items that will meet your needs and a case to hold them. The case might be a first aid case, an ammunition pouch, or another suitable case. This case should be-

(1) Water repellent or waterproof.

(2) Easy to carry or attach to your body.

(3) Suitable to accept various sized items.

e. When constructing a survival kit, you should have the following components: (MSVX.02.02a)

(1) Fire starting items.

(2) Water procurement items.

(3) Food procurement items.

(4) Signaling items.

(5) First aid items.

(6) Shelter items.

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