Incidental Water Msvxa

a. During movement, you may have to ration water until you reach a reliable water source. Incidental water may sometimes provide opportunities to acquire water. Although not a reliable or replenished source, it may serve to stretch your water supply or keep you going in an emergency. The following are sources for incidental water:

(1) Dew. In areas with moderate to heavy dew, dew can be collected by tying rags or tuffs of fine grass around your ankles. While walking through dewy grass before sunrise, the rags or grass will saturate and can be rung out into a container. The rags or grass can be replaced and the process is repeated.

(2) Rainfall. Rainwater collected directly in clean container or in plants that contain no harmful toxins is generally safe to drink without disinfecting. The survivor should always be prepared to collect rainfall at a moments notice. An inverted poncho works well to collect rainfall.

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