Evasion Plan Of Action Format

1. Individuals completing EPAs should not use the statement "PER SAR SPINS (Special Instructions) as a substitute for this document. Such a statement fails to provide recovery forces with the information required and provides no concrete data with which to plan a recovery operation.

2. EPAs should contain the following minimum information. Inclusion of this prescribed information into one document enhances operational effectiveness and precludes the possibility that critical information might not be available in a time-sensitive situation. These documents must be classified to at least the level of the operation order for the mission they support. Paragraphs must be individually classified to the appropriate level.

a. Indentification

(1) Name and rank of each individual.

(2) Mission number, aircraft, or call sign.

b. Planned Route of Flight or Travel.

(1) Route points must be describe in the EPA for both ingress and egress.

(2) Describe inflight emergency plans for each leg of the mission.

c. Immediate Evasion Actions and/or Intentions for the First 48 hours, Uninjured (for example):

(1) Hide near aircraft site or area of separation from unit (distance and heading).

(2) Evade alone or link-up with others at rally point.

(3) Travel plans (distance, duration or time, speed, and other such details).

(4) Intended actions and/or length of stay at initial hiding location.

d. Immediate Evasion Actions and/or Intentions, If Injured.

(1) Provide hiding intentions if injured.

(2) Provide evasion intentions if injured.

(3) Provide travel intentions if injured.

(4) Provide intended actions at hiding locations if injured. e. Extended Evasion Actions and/or Intentions After 48 hours.

(1) Destination (SAFE, mountain range, coast, border, FEBA).

(2) Travel routes, plans, and/or techniques (either written and/or sketched).

(3) Actions and/or intentions at potential contact or recovery locations.

(4) Recovery/contact point signals, signs, and/or procedures (written out and/or sketched).

3. The following information should be completed by appropriate communications and/or signal, intelligence personnel and attached to the EPA.

a. Communications and Authentication.

(1) Codewords.

(2) Available communications and signaling devices.

(3) Primary communication schedule, procedures, and/or frequencies (first 48 hours and after 48 hours).

(4) Back-up communication schedule, procedures, and/or frequencies.

b. In addition to the above minimum required information, units may wish to include the following optional information:

(1) Weapons and ammunition carried.

(2) Personal evasion kit items.

(3) Listing of issue survival and evasion kit items.

(4) Mission evasion preparation checklist

(5) Signature of reviewing official.

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