Considerations For Staying Or Travelling Msvxa

a. Stay with the aircraft or vehicle if possible. More than likely somebody knows where it was going. It is also a ready-made shelter.

b. Leave only when:

(1) Certain of present location; have known destination and the ability to get there.

(2) Water, food, shelter, and/or help can be reached.

(3) Convinced that rescue is not coming.

c. If the decision is to travel, the following must also be considered:

(1) Which direction to travel and why.

(2) What plan is to be followed.

(3) What equipment should be taken.

(5) Predicted weather.

d. If the tactical situation permits leave the following information at the departure point:

(1) Departure time.

(2) Destination.

(3) Route of travel/direction.

(4) Personal condition.

(5) Available supplies.

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