Wiremans Knot

The wireman's knot forms a single, fixed loop in the middle of the rope (Figure 4-15, page 4-18). It is a middle rope knot. a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. When tying this knot, face the anchor that the tie-off system will be tied to. Take up the slack from the anchor, and wrap two turns around the left hand (palm up) from left to right.

STEP 2. A loop of 30 centimeters is taken up in the second round turn to create the fixed loop of the knot.

STEP 3. Name the wraps from the palm to the fingertips: heel, palm, and fingertip.

STEP 4. Secure the palm wrap with the right thumb and forefinger, and place it over the heel wrap.

STEP 5. Secure the heel wrap and place it over the fingertip wrap.

STEP 6. Secure the fingertip wrap and place it over the palm wrap.

STEP 7. Secure the palm wrap and pull up to form a fixed loop.

STEP 8. Dress the knot down by pulling on the fixed loop and the two working ends.

STEP 9. Pull the working ends apart to finish the knot.

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Figure 4-15. Wireman's knot.

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