Upulley System

The U-pulley system is another simple, easily-constructed hauling system (Figure 7-27, page 7-32).

a. Considerations. Anchors must be sturdy and able to support the weight of the load. Site selection is governed by different factors: tactical situation, weather, terrain, equipment, load weight, and availability of anchors.

b. Theory. Use carabiners as a substitute if pulleys are not available. The mechanical advantage obtained in theory is 2:1. The less friction involved the greater the mechanical advantage. Friction is caused by the rope running through carabiners, the load rubbing against the rock wall, and the rope condition.

c. Construction. Use the following procedures construct a U-pulley system.

(1) Anchor the hauling rope.

(2) Prepare the load or casualty for hauling. Place a locking carabiner the on to the harness or the rigged load.

(3) Lower a bight to the casualty or the load.

(4) Place the bight into the carabiner; or place the bight on to a pulley and then place pulley into the carabiner.

(5) Construct a second anchor. Attach a locking carabiner to the anchor.

(6) Tie a middle of the rope Prusik onto the haul rope exiting the pulley. Secure the Prusik with a double-double figure eight. This is the PCD. Place the fixed loops into the locking carabiner of the second anchor.

Hauling System
Figure 7-27. U-pulley system.


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