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The transport knot is used to secure the transport tightening system (Figure 4-26, page 4-28). It is simply an overhand slip knot. a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. Pass the running end of the rope around the anchor point passing it back under the standing portion (leading to the far side anchor) forming a loop.

STEP 2. Form a bight with the running end of the rope. Pass over the standing portion and down through the loop and dress it down toward the anchor point.

STEP 3. Secure the knot by tying a half hitch around the standing portion with the bight.

Overhand Slip Knot
Figure 4-26. Transport knot.

b. Check Points.

(1) There is a single overhand slip knot.

(2) The knot is secured using a half hitch on a bight.

(3) The bight is a minimum of 12 inches long.

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