Threeloop Bowline

The three-loop bowline is used to form three fixed loops in the middle of a rope (Figure

4-24, page 4-26). It is used in a self-equalizing anchor system. It is a specialty knot. a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. Form an approximate 24-inch bight.

STEP 2. With the right thumb facing toward the body, form a doubled loop in the standing part by turning the wrist clockwise. Lay the loops to the right.

STEP 3. With the right hand, reach down through the loops and pull up a doubled bight from the standing part of the rope.

STEP 4. Place the running end (bight) of the rope (on the left) through the doubled bight from left to right and bring it back on itself. Hold the running end loosely and dress the knot down by pulling on the standing parts.

STEP 5. Safety it off with a doubled overhand knot.

Figure 4-24. Three-loop bowline.

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