Subjective Hazards

Subjective hazards are created by humans; for example, choice of route, companions, overexertion, dehydration, climbing above one's ability, and poor judgment.

a. Falling. Falling can be caused by carelessness, over-fatigue, heavy equipment, bad weather, overestimating ability, a hold breaking away, or other reasons.

b. Bivouac Site. Bivouac sites must be protected from rockfall, wind, lightning, avalanche run-out zones, and flooding (especially in gullies). If the possibility of falling exists, rope in, the tent and all equipment may have to be tied down.

c. Equipment. Ropes are not total security; they can be cut on a sharp edge or break due to poor maintenance, age, or excessive use. You should always pack emergency and bivouac equipment even if the weather situation, tour, or a short climb is seemingly low of dangers.

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