Rappel Seat

The rappel seat is an improvised seat rappel harness made of rope (Figure 4-31, page

4-32). It usually requires a sling rope 14 feet or longer. a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. Find the middle of the sling rope and make a bight.

STEP 2. Decide which hand will be used as the brake hand and place the bight on the opposite hip.

STEP 3. Reach around behind and grab a single strand of rope. Bring it around the waist to the front and tie two overhands on the other strand of rope, thus creating a loop around the waist.

STEP 4. Pass the two ends between the legs, ensuring they do not cross.

STEP 5. Pass the two ends up under the loop around the waist, bisecting the pocket flaps on the trousers. Pull up on the ropes, tightening the seat.

STEP 6. From rear to front, pass the two ends through the leg loops creating a half hitch on both hips.

STEP 7. Bring the longer of the two ends across the front to the nonbrake hand hip and secure the two ends with a square knot safetied with overhand knots. Tuck any excess rope in the pocket below the square knot.

Figure 4-31. Rappel seat.

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