Mass Casualties

When there are mass casualties, an orderly rescue may involve further planning.

a. To manage a mass casualty rescue or evacuation, separate stages are taken.

• FIRST STAGE: Remove personnel who are not trapped among debris or who can be easily evacuated.

• SECOND STAGE: Remove personnel who may be trapped by debris, but whose extraction only requires the equipment on hand and little time.

• THIRD STAGE: Remove the remaining personnel who are trapped in extremely difficult or time-consuming situations, such as moving large amounts of debris or cutting through a wall.

• FOURTH STAGE: Remove dead personnel.

b. Evacuation of wounded personnel is based on the victim's condition and is prioritized as follows:

• PRIORITY ONE: Personnel with life-threatening injuries that require immediate emergency care to survive; first aid and stabilization are accomplished before evacuation.

• PRIORITY TWO: Personnel with injuries that require medical care but speed of evacuation is not essential.

• PRIORITY THREE: Injured personnel who can evacuate themselves with minimal assistance.

• PRIORITY FOUR: The logistics removal of dead personnel.

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