Installation Using Zpulley Tightening System

The Z-pulley tightening system (Figure 7-14) is another method for gaining a mechanical advantage.

a. The rope is brought across the obstacle the same way as discussed in paragraph 7-10.

b. Once across, the far side man anchors the rope.

c. One soldier ties a friction knot (autoblock, web wrap, Kleimheist) with a sling rope onto the bridging rope on the near side bank. Two steel carabiners are inserted with opposing gates into the friction knot.

d. The rope is routed around the near side anchor and through the carabiners, from inside to outside, and is run back to the near side anchor.

e. A second sling rope is tied to the bridge rope and then anchored to the near side anchor. This knot will be used as a progress capture device.

Rope System Mountaineering
Figure 7-14. Z-pulley tightening system.

f. The three-man pull team on the near side then pulls on the rope, creating a pulley effect that tightens the system. As the rope is pulled tight, one man pushes the friction knot back toward the far side.

g. When the rope is tight, it is tied off with a tensionless anchor knot, transport knot, or round turn around anchor and two half hitches on a bight.

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