Figureeight Bend

The figure-eight bend is used to join the ends of two ropes of equal or unequal diameter within 5-mm difference (Figure 4-9, page 4-12). a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. Grasp the top of a 2-foot bight.

STEP 2. With the other hand, grasp the running end (short end) and make a

360-degree turn around the standing end. STEP 3. Place the running end through the loop just formed creating an in-line figure eight.

STEP 4. Route the running end of the other ripe back through the figure eight starting from the original rope's running end. Trace the original knot to the standing end.

STEP 5. Remove all unnecessary twists and crossovers. Dress the knot down.

Figure 4-9. Figure-eight bend.

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