Chapter Mountain Living

Section I. Survival 2-1

2-1. Water Supply 2-1

2-3. Personal Hygiene and Sanitation 2-5

Section II. Acclimatization and Conditioning 2-6

2-4. Symptoms and Adjustments 2-6

2-5. Physical and Psychological Conditioning 2-7

Section III. Medical Considerations 2-9

2-6. Illness and Injury 2-9

2-7. Treatment and Evacuation 2-10

2-8. Solar Injuries 2-10

2-9. Cold-Weather Injuries 2-11

2-10. Heat Injuries 2-20

2-11. Acute Mountain Sickness 2-21

2-12. Chronic Mountain Sickness 2-22

2-13. Understanding High-Altitude Illnesses 2-22

2-14. High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema 2-23

2-15. High-Altitude Cerebral Edema 2-24

2-16. Hydration in HAPE and HACE 2-25

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