The bowline-on-a-coil is an expedient tie-in used by climbers when a climbing harness is not available (Figure 4-23). It is a specialty knot.

a. Tying the Knot.

STEP 1. With the running end, place 3 feet of rope over your right shoulder. The running end is to the back of the body.

STEP 2. Starting at the bottom of your rib cage, wrap the standing part of the rope around your body and down in a clockwise direction four to eight times.

STEP 3. With the standing portion of the rope in your left hand, make a clockwise loop toward the body. The standing portion is on the bottom.

STEP 4. Ensuring the loop does not come uncrossed, bring it up and under the coils between the rope and your body.

STEP 5. Using the standing part, bring a bight up through the loop. Grasp the running end of the rope with the right hand. Pass it through the bight from right to left and back on itself.

STEP 6. Holding the bight loosely, dress the knot down by pulling on the standing end.

STEP 7. Safety the bowline with an overhand around the top, single coil. Then, tie an overhand around all coils, leaving a minimum 4-inch pigtail.

b. Checkpoints.

(1) A minimum of four wraps, not crossed, with a bight held in place by a loop.

(2) The loop must be underneath all wraps.

(3) A minimum 4-inch pigtail after the second overhand safety is tied.

(4) Must be centered on the mid-line of the body.

Mountaineering Coil
Figure 4-23. Bowline-on-a-coil.

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