A Tying the Knot

STEP 1. Using a utility rope or webbing offset the ends by 12 inches. With the ends offset, find the center of the rope and form a bight. Lay the bight over a horizontal rope.

STEP 2. Wrap the tails of the utility rope around the horizontal rope back toward the direction of pull. Wrap at least four complete turns.

STEP 3. With the remaining tails of the utility rope, pass them through the bight (see STEP 1).

STEP 4. Join the two ends of the tail with a joining knot.

STEP 5. Dress the knot down tightly so that all wraps are touching.

Note: Spectra should not be used for the Kleimhiest knot. It has a low melting point and tends to slip .

Figure 4-27. Kleimhiest knot.

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