A Tying the Knot

STEP 1. Use a length of rope long enough to go around the anchor, leaving enough rope to work with.

STEP 2. Tie a figure-eight knot in the standing part of the rope, leaving enough rope to go around the anchor. To tie a figure-eight knot form a loop in the rope, wrap the working end around the standing part, and route the working end through the loop. The finished knot is dressed loosely.

STEP 3. Take the working end around the anchor point.

STEP 4. With the working end, insert the rope back through the loop of the knot in reverse.

STEP 5. Keep the original figure eight as the outside rope and retrace the knot around the wrap and back to the long-standing part.

STEP 6. Remove all unnecessary twists and crossovers; dress the knot down.

Figure 4-13. Figure-eight retrace.

b. Checkpoints

(1) A figure eight with a doubled rope running side by side, forming a fixed loop around a fixed object or harness.

(2) There is a minimum 4-inch pigtail.

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