Level Assault Climber

Assault climbers are responsible for the rigging, inspection, use, and operation of all basic rope systems. They are trained in additional rope management skills, knot tying, and belay and rappel techniques, as well as using specialized mountaineering equipment. Assault climbers are capable of rigging complex, multipoint anchors, and high-angle raising/lowering systems. Level 2 qualification is required to supervise all high-risk training associated with Level 1. At a minimum, assault climbers should possess the additional knowledge and skills shown in Figure A-2.

• Use specialized mountaineering

• Move on moderate angle snow


and ice.

• Perform multipitch climbing:

• Establish evacuation systems and

_ Free climbing and aid

perform high-angle rescue.


• Perform avalanche hazard

_ Leading on class 4 and 5

evaluation and rescue



• Conduct multipitch rappelling.

• Be familiar with movement on

• Establish and operate hauling



• Establish fixed ropes with

intermediate anchors.

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