Answer Key And Feedback


Correct Answer and Feedback

a. be aware that the basic elements for the avalanche phenomenon are terrain, climate and weather.

Accumulated snow and steep slopes can cause avalanches. An understanding of the basic elements is required in order to increase survival chances.

b. move to the inside of bends and away from steep slopes and icefalls.

Care must be exercised when traveling through slopes that have glaciers or crevasses to avoid the possibility of injuries in the unit.

traveling storm.

c. the life cycle of a local storm or from the movement of a

The success of the mission depends on your ability to predict changing weather. During the operation, it is imperative that you anticipate weather changes and turn them in your favor.

4. d. violent weather such as heavy rains or snow and strong gusty winds.

Proper reading of cloud formations and patterns is an invaluable tool to weather forecasters since it reduces the need for additional weather equipment

5. a. not climb and get as far down the mountain and away from the exposed ridges, and seek protection from direct strikes and ground current.

You must be aware that lightning kills more people in the U.S. than any other weather phenomenon. Just because you are in the military, you are not an exception. It is your responsibility to take whatever precautions are necessary to avoid a lightning strike.

6. b. drink only treated water, conserve water for drinking and do not contaminate water sources.

As a precaution, never assume that mountain water is safe for consumption. Only drink water from approved sources to avoid contamination and disease. In order for you to function effectively, you must drink plenty of water.

7. d. keep his feet dry and with clean socks, dry the inside of the boots, use foot powder and change socks as often as possible.

One of the most important factors is your personal hygiene. This disease is the result of neglect and carelessness of your body. To prevent it take good care of your feet .

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  • sabina
    What weather phenomenon kills more people than any other, avalanche?
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