United States Army Infantry School Fort Benning Georgia

5 Credit Hours GENERAL

The purpose of this subcourse is to teach the techniques you must know in order to cope with mountainous terrain. The advanced mountaineering apply to all operations on mountainous terrain. If you are skilled in military mountaineering, you can perform essential missions in difficult terrain. These skills are expanded by training with experienced climbers as a team, and by learning how to modify new techniques to suit your own style. As experience is gained, new techniques are added to your mountaineering knowledge as long as safety and caution are retained.

Identify advanced mountaineering techniques on glaciers, snow-covered mountains, and alpine paths.

Given the subcourse material, a training scenario and extracts, as applicable, the student will complete the examination at the end of this subcourse.

The student will successfully answer 70 percent of the questions on a multiple-choice based examination for subcourse IN0494.

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