Practice Exercise Answer Key And Feedback

Item Correct Answer and Feedback

1. d. try to get the victim(s) out within one hour since that is the average survival limit.

Avalanche rescues are critical since the surviving victim (s) are depending on the rescue team. As time moves on, the chance for living decreases--speed and time are critical factors in avalanche rescues.

2. a. brief all personnel involved by letting them know that testing by means of explosives will be conducted and all men must be belayed while working.

This action is taken as a preventive measure under dangerous conditions. To reduce the risk of severe personal injuries, all personnel entering or involved in hazardous areas should wear protective clothing and equipment.

3. c. avoid moving above barriers located on the valley floor since a slide could collide with the barrier.

When selecting a route, avalanche paths should be learned ahead of time. Avoid dangerous areas by moving along the middle of wide U-shaped valleys which are less dangerous.

4. d. recognize this form of snow because they are extremely dangerous and often form the platform for avalanches.

Since wind slabs are snow transported from the wind, their grains are rounded and do not reflect the light, giving a false impression of their solidity.

5. c. effects of special training and equipment.

Before the adaption of airmobile operations, units were required to carry the load of winter operations entirely by themselves.

Airmobility has enhanced this capability by providing the assistance and implementation of large cold-weather operations.

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