Lesson Practical Exercise


The following items will test your understanding of the material covered in this lesson. There is only one correct answer for each item. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows. If you answer any item incorrectly, review that part of the lesson which contains the portion involved.


During a mountaineering exercise your unit mission is to function effectively, and to utilize proper equipment and methods when constructing alpine paths.

1. Your unit has been tasked to survey the site and terrain where an alpine path is to be constructed. When selecting the route you a. have the path follow a route not visible to the enemy.

b. use stanchions and artificial anchors to support the projected walkway.

c. follow a route along cliffs and rock edges to avoid camouflaging.

d. ensure safety lines are secured to party members while working.

2. When erection of an alpine path is necessary, the size of the working party will depend on a. the amount of time, weather condition, and attitude of the troops.

b. the type components, terrain, and experience of the troops.

c. the type climbing equipment and available time.

d. the engineers assigned to your unit.

3. The three methods for drilling holes in rocks for pipe stanchions are a. line drilling, battery-operated hammer, and pneumatic drill.

b. rapid, vertical and coil drilling.

c. standoff, ladden, and vertical drilling.

d. handdrilling, gasoline-operated hammer, and pneumatic drills.

4. During operations, the use of ladders may be necessary. The type ladder that is most difficult for an individual to ascend or descend carrying a pack is a. a rope ladder bridge with wooden rungs.

b. a hanging ladder.

c. a standoff ladder.

d. a wire rope ladder bridge with rungs.

5. Suspended walkways consist of a treadway of either native or finished material. The wire ropes are rigged and anchored so that a. the center of the ropes sag below a straight line between the ends.

b. the sag creates tension in the rope great enough to prevent snapping of the rope.

c. the ends of the rope have equal amounts of sag as the center.

d. no sag is allowed in any section of the rope.

6. Three-rope suspended walkway is made of a tread rope and two handlines. It is used a. as an expedient walkway for two-way traffic.

b. as an expedient walkway for one-way traffic.

c. to traverse equipment in both directions.

d. as an emergency means of transporting, only.

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