What If You Are Lost Alone

Again, the first rule is to STOP. Look around for other members of the party, shout, and listen for answering shouts. If the only answer is silence, sit down, try to regain your calm, and combat terror with reason.

Once you've calmed down, start doing the right things. Look at your map in an attempt to determine your location, and plan a route home in ease you don't connect with the other climbers. Mark your location with a cairn or other objects, and then scout in all directions, each time returning to the marked position. Well before dark, prepare for the night by finding water, firewood, and shelter. Staying busy will raise your spirits. Keep a fire going to give searchers something to see, and try singing so you will have something to do and they will have something to hear.

The odds are that you will be reunited with your group by morning. If not, fight panic. After a night alone, you may decide to hike out to a base-line feature you picked out before the trip—a ridge or stream or highway. If the terrain is too difficult to travel alone, it might be better to concentrate on letting yourself be found. It's easier for rescuers to find a lost climber who stays in one place in the open, builds a fire, and shouts periodically, than one who thrashes on in hysterical hope, one step ahead of the rescue party.

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