The Munter hitch

The Munter is a simple hitch in the rope that is clipped into a carabiner to put friction on the line. It provides an excellent method of belaying a leader or lowering a climber because the hitch is

Munter Hitch
Fig. 6-25. Klemheist knot: a-b, winding and threading Klemheist knot; c, Klemheist tied off with a sheet bend; d, Klemheist tied around a carabiner.
Friction Hitch For Belaying

Fig. 6-26. The Munter hitch reversible (you can feed rope out of the carabiner or pull rope back in) and bccause the hitch slides (yet is easy to stop if you hold the braking end of the rope). It can also provide the necessary rope friction for rappelling, though it puts more twist in the rope than other rappel methods.

The Munter hitch (fig. 6-26) is very easy to set up and use, and the only equipment needed is a large pear-shaped locking carabiner. Even if you prefer to use a specialized belay device, this hitch is worth knowing as a backup for the time you lose or forget the gear.

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