Swami Belts

Swami belts (fig. 6-30), another method of tying into the rope, are usually commercially made and are secured to the waist with a buckle or a water knot. The climbing rope is tied through the belt with a re woven figure-8 or a rewoven bowline.

The belts are wide enough to provide support around the middle of the waist and lower back and to help distribute the force of a fall. Still, if you are left hanging, the belt can creep up and restrict your breathing. Adding leg loops keeps a swami belt from creeping up and distributes the force of a fall to an even larger area, much like a seat harness. In fact, with leg loops attached, the swami belt becomes a seat harness.

Fig. 6-30. Swami belt

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    How to make a climber swami belt?
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