Stopping In Midrappel

If it's ever necessary to stop partway down a rappel, wrap the rope two or three times around one leg (fig. 8-19a). The friction around your leg, increased by the weight of the hanging rope, is usually enough to hold you and to free your hands. Keep a braking hand on the rope until the wraps are completed and tested with your weight. Make the wraps tight, or you could end up a foot or two

Carabiner Brake
Fig. 8-19. Stopping in mid-rappel: a, with rope wrapped around leg; b, with a carabiner brake or other mechanical rappel system.

lower than you intended as you put weight on the wraps and they tighten.

With the carabiner brake or other mechanical rappel system, an alternative method is to pass the rope around your waist, and tie two or three half-hitches around the rappel rope above the brake system (fig. 8-19b). This can be released easily when you're ready to continue the rappel.

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