Climbing is physically demanding, and if you don't have the needed strength, some climbs will be too difficult. However, many climbs are possible without an abundance of strength. To some extent, technique can compensate for a lack of strength, while extra strength can sometimes compensate for a deficiency of technique. Some climbs, especially at the higher end of the rating scale, demand a high degree of both strength and technique.


To climb rock well, you must have the desire. Rock climbing calls for a commitment of both mind and body, and making the necessary moves requires total concentration and complete confidence. This confidence can come by practicing with a top rope (belayed from above), which minimizes possible injury in case of a fall and allows you to safely attempt harder and harder moves, eventually finding the limits of your ability.

Confidence goes hand in hand with physical conditioning. If hand, arm, or leg strength is not sufficient, it doesn't matter that the mind is willing. Conversely, physical ability alone won't move you if your mind says no.

An equally important component of attitude is an awareness of safety. This includes knowing your limits, and knowing when and how to back off when you don't have the strength or technique for a given route on a given day.

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