Personal Gear


I] Synthetic fabric underwear

H Insulating layers Down clothing

□ Wind protection garments (top and bottom)

I I Extremities: hands (liner gloves, insulating gloves, and mittens); feet (liner socks, insulating socks, vapor-barrier socks); head (balaclavas, sun hats, face masks)

I I Miscellaneous: bandannas; sun shirt; plastic double boots; supergaiters and/or overboots


I] Sleeping bag I] Bivouac sack

Vapor-barrier liner I | inflatable foam pad I | Closed-cell foam pad


I 1 Seat harness with ice tool holsters I I Chest harness I 1 Crampons U Personal carabiners I I Personal runners I | Ascenders and/or prusiks

I | Large-volume pack I I Snowshoes or skis

I I Sled with associated hardware (haul lines, carabiners, prusiks)

Miscellaneous gear

I I Avalanche beacon

Sunglasses and goggles I | Spare prescription glasses I | Personal hygiene: toilet paper; pee bottle; toothbrush; comb; chemical wash/wipes; sunscreen; lip balm; foot powder; ear plugs I | Personal recreation: camera and film; books; journal (waterproof paper); personal stereo

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