Orientation By Instrument

Figuring out exactly where you are is usually a Sometimes this is not accurate enough, or there is relatively simple affair, just looking around and just nothing much nearby to identify on the map. comparing what you see with what is on the map. The usual solution then is to get out the compass and try for bearings to some faraway landscape features. This is orientation by instrument.

The goal of orientation is to determine that precise point on the earth where you now stand. Your position can then be represented by a mere dot on the map which is known as your point position. There are two lower levels of orientation. One is called line position: the travelers know they are along a certain line on a map—such as a river, a trail, or a bearing line—but they do not know where they are along the line. The lowest level is area position: they know the general area they are in, but that's about it. The primary objective of orientation is to find out your exact point position.

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