Why do people get lost? Lots of reasons. Some travel without a map because the route seems obvious. Others fail to check on recent changes in roads and trails. Some folks trust their own instincts over the compass. Others do not bother with the map homework that can start them off with a good mental picture of the area. Some don't pay enough attention to the route on the way in to be able to find it on the way out. Some rely on the skill of their climbing partner, who is just now in the process of getting them lost.

Why do people get lost? They don't take the time to think about where they are going, because they are in a hurry. They miss junctions or wander off on game trails. They charge mindlessly ahead despite deteriorating weather and visibility, fatigue, or flagging spirits.

Good navigators are never truly lost—but having learned humility through years of experience, they always carry enough food, clothing, and bivouac gear to get them through hours or even days of temporary confusion.

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