Inside The Crevasse

While rescuers are busy topside, the person down below has work to do. Here's how you can prepare for rescue if you are the fallen climber:

Set up your prusik slings on the climbing rope so you can alternate between standing and sitting as you dangle. You will be a lot more comfortable, and will be ready to climb up the rope using the slings if that seems the best way out. (The next section in this chapter outlines self-rescue using prusik slings.)

Clip the climbing rope through a carabiner at your chest harness, if you didn't do so earlier. It will help you maintain an upright position.

Get your pack and ice axe out of the way. You may be able to send them up on a rope from the rescuers. You can also clip the axe to your seat harness, letting it hang so it doesn't interfere with your movement. For the pack, you have the option of attaching a sling to its haul loop and clipping the sling onto the climbing rope with a carabiner, just above your seat harness (but below the prusik attachments). Then the pack will just hang below you. Later, if you climb up the rope using a friction knot or ascenders, the hanging pack will slide freely along the bottom of the loop of climbing rope and weight the rope, making it easier to climb.

Keep warm. Close your parka, put on the hat and gloves you had stuffed in your pockets, and try to put on additional layers of clothing.

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